Software engineer building Data Engineering and Data Science tools

I have 10 years of experience in the Data Science and Machine Learning ecosystem in different roles including engineering, product management, and sales plus my experience as a full-stack data software engineer give me a unique perspective on how to solve technical challenges to deliver successful products.

On this website you can find links to applications I have build, my open-source projects and thoughts around technical topics on my blog.

For a look on my professional career see my LinkedIn.

Every now and then I also do live streams on twitch.

For a more personal content you can find me on twitter @danielfrg, instagram and on youtube.



Music source separation

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Word embedding functions

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Client-only Jupyter Notebook viewer

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Open Source


Quickly develop dashboards using Jupyter Notebooks

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mkdocs-jupyter - Use Jupyter Notebook in mkdocs-jupyter

s3-contents - A S3 backed ContentsManager implementation for Jupyter

illusionist - Interactive client-only reports based on Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter widgets

word2vec - Python interface to Google word2vec

tsne - A python wrapper for Barnes-Hut tsne

pelican-jupyter - Pelican plugin for blogging with Jupyter/IPython Notebooks

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